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Season Harvests

Please note that the u-pick fields close at 6pm, one hour earlier than our closing time.

July 2nd, 2020 – U-pick Raspberries are ready at $4/lb!  Blueberries are ripening nicely and can be picked this weekend at $3/lb.    Strawberries are definitely winding down.  Ever-bearing fruit will dot the fields through August.

In the fruit stand, fresh picked Tieton cherries are for sale at $2.99/lb, Burgundy Pearls are $3.99 and Rainiers are $4.99.

Frozen blueberries are in stock at 4/lb.  We also have FREE styrofoam coolers on occasion for your drive home when available.

Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our homepage “In Harvest and Current Happenings” for the latest on fresh fruit.

Throughout the season out here at The Gorge White House, you’ll find u-pick strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries and apples.  We-pick fruit in the fruit stand includes all of those plus peaches, nectarines and pears and apples.

Bring the kids, grandkids or the whole family!  We hope you will delight in our high density u-pick orchard and enjoy harvesting your own food and celebrating this beautiful valley.

How Fruit Should Really Taste

We love selling fruit directly to consumers.  It allows us to ensure our product is fresh, affordable and that we are passing on to our customers the benefit of purchasing fruit directly from farmers.  Crisp apples, properly ripened pears and carefully handled stone fruits are worth making a special stop for.  Let us share our knowledge, recipes, and passion with you!

Meet Barry and Patrick

IMG_9355These hard working brothers bring three generations of farming knowledge out to work with them every day.  What results is only the best, high quality fruit.  They guarantee it and insist on it.  Visit our fruit stand and take home the freshest fruit in the valley, often picked that same morning! (Click here to meet the family.)