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Current hours are Thursday-Monday 10-7, Food Truck is 11-7.  These hours are different from the Fruit Loop Map due to Covid.
Absolutely!  In fact, we feel it is really important for children to see where food comes from.  We are more than happy to show your entire family around and answer any questions.
We welcome pets on leashes as long as they are friendly and within your control. Pets are not permitted in the fruit and flower fields, in the fruit stand, cider bar or wine tasting room.  Please clean up after you pet.
Just come into the fruit stand, grab as many buckets as you need, and we will tell you what is available and where to go.  Our berries range in price from $2-$4 per pound.  Please do not eat fruit before paying and more importantly, before washing.  Please feel free to bring your own containers to pick into.  Thank you for doing your part to reduce, reuse and recycle!  Watch for updates on our homepage about the maturing u-pick trees for 2017.
Sorry, but no outside food or drink is allowed unless prearranged with management.  If the wait time at the food cart seems excessive, please remember that it is a food cart.  We do not turn people away, and we don’t make you wait for a table.  It is a grill and a couple of guys, not a restaurant with a large staff and a full kitchen. We cook fresh food with local and farm fresh ingredients.  We hope you will just take in the views and enjoy the wait with all we have to offer.

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